Gait Analysis

 At Marx Running & Fitness, we evaluate your gait to determine what type of shoe will be best for your individual stride. Our fit process is based on the mantra “Function, Fit, Fashion”. We analyze your gait to determine the function of the shoe you’ll need, then have you try on several pairs across different brands to find the optimal fit, and finally, if all things are equal, color or style may factor into the decision. In general there are three primary types of gait that we see: supination or under-pronation, neutral, and over-pronation. Ideally you want a shoe that keeps you in a neutral position and keeps your lower leg in alignment . This takes stress off of your smaller, stabilization muscles and tendons and reduces the likelihood of injury. Running in the wrong shoe can create instabilities that lead to injury, so it is important that you are evaluated to find a shoe that works for your specific pattern. This is what we do best!

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