5 Cool Products You Didn’t Know We Sold at Marx

As a traditional running specialty store we have all the items that you would expect: running shoes (obviously), running apparel, hats, gloves, socks, GU, PowerBars, etc. However, we have some other cool products tucked away that we want to tell you about! With the holidays coming up, some of these items would make great stocking-stuffers or gifts:

timex pedometerTimex Pedometer: This trustworthy device not only counts your steps (10,000/day is the recommended guideline — most Americans get about half of this), but it also tracks distance and calories burned. In an era of “quantify oneself” this product fits right in. It conveniently clips onto your waistline but is also small enough to fit in your pocket. Having this data feedback is a great tool for tracking your current activity level or reaching your fitness goals. A great gadget for keeping you motivated — numbers don’t lie! Price: $19.95 How many we have in stock: 6

Nike+ GPS Watch: At the other end of the spectrum in terms of gadgets is the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS. GPS watches were once just for the data Nike Sportswatch GPSjunky athlete, primarily triathletes and cyclists. However, the technology has been improving rapidly. GPS watches no longer have to be uber-bulky and geeky-looking. The Nike+ Sportswatch is truly made for any level of runner. It is sleek. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it. It is super easy to read and tracks all relevant metrics — pace, distance, heart rate (monitor sold separately), calories burned. It has the Nike+ sensor technology and all the data is downloadable onto your computer. It spits out maps of your runs with different colored lines indicating how fast or slow you were going in certain areas, very cool. It even gives you encouraging messages during your workouts! Additionally, you can join the Nike+ online community and connect with friends and compare workouts with others. With Nike driving the design, this is probably the first GPS watch that is cool enough to wear around outside of workouts. We’ve tested this product and highly recommend it. For a GPS-capable watch, it is very reasonably priced. Price: $169 How many we have in stock: 5 (in a variety of colors — white, black/red, black/blue)

ProStretch CalfProStretch Calf Stretcher: This is probably one of our most underrated products. Simply put, this calf stretcher is awesome. The one we have out on display at our store probably gets more use in a few weeks than one individual would use in a lifetime. Runners are infamous for being injured. Lower leg injuries are some of the most common. Our experience has taught us that regular stretching of the calf muscles can reduce or even eliminate the vast majority of lower leg pain/injuries. Everything from plantar fasciitis to achilles tendonitis is connected to the calves, so it would make sense that loosening up this area would have beneficial effects on other muscles in the feet, ankle, and lower leg. Given this fact, the calf stretcher is really a great investment. It can potentially keep you out of the physcial therapist’s office and help you train for your goals without any hiccups. The rehabilitation benefits are great, too, for those coming off of surgery. It’s truly a simple concept but incredibly valuable. Price: $30 How many we have in stock: 4

Stickers & Magnets! We have lots of these car magnets and stickers26.2 (they don’t have to be for your car either) with all your favorite running or triathlon event distances. Our selection includes “Baystate Marathon 26.2”, “Runner Girl” (pink with picture of runner girl), “run.”, “CC” (with an arrow through the CC), “70.3”, 140.6″, “26.2”, “13.1”, and “track”. A neat and fun little accessory for you or the runner in your family. Price: Stickers $1.50 | Magnets $3.00 How many we have in stock: A lot

idiotsGuide-toRunningBooks: “Books?” you ask. Yes, books. We have a couple really interesting reads that are worth mentioning. The first is Bill Rodgers’ “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Running.” Bill Rodgers, multiple time Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon champion, takes his running expertise and dumbs it down to the level that even runners at the very beginning level will easily understand. There’s a lot of practical advice in this book including how to create your own training program, what to wear for different weather, how to make sure you’re running safely, goal-setting, how to prevent injury, and the best strategies for certain race distances. The second text is “The Champion’s Way” by Steve Victorson and Robert Yehling. Dr. Victorson was a US Ski Team coach who did his doctoral work on trying to find the answer to the question ‘what makes a champion?’ He uncovered 11 qualities or traits that are common across all areas of athletic success. It is an in-depth look at the techniques and routines that are exhibited by some of the world’s top athletes. Price: Idiot’s Guide to Running $16.95 Champions Way $14.95 How many we have in stock: 4 and 3, respectively

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