Acton/Nagog Seasons Half Marathon


Acton, Massachusetts and its surrounding towns are filled with natural beauty — glistening lakes, gently rolling hills, shaded country roads, farmland, parks, and more. On any given weekend you’ll find dozens of runners and cyclists getting their workouts in or just having some recreational fun on Acton’s roads. You’ll almost always find a local 5k or road race taking place in the area, too. It seems logical: perfect scenery + an active community = a robust road race calendar. But when you add in a third catalyst to this formula it becomes even more powerful. This would be Acton’s strong network of community activists who work tirelessly for a variety of different causes. These people are dedicated to helping their neighbors and improving the quality of life for those around them. This is the principle upon which the Nagog Seasons Half Marathon was founded.


The idea was created by Karen Francisco, an Acton resident who wanted to play a bigger role in her community. She had a vision, and she came to Marx Running hoping to develop her plan in conjunction with our 20+ years of race experience. The idea caught fire, gained momentum, and is now a reality. The proceeds from the race are earmarked for two causes; 1) Thyroid cancer research at UMass Medical Center and 2) A new track facility for our future stars at Acton-Boxboro High School. In our hunt for a title sponsor, the Nagog Mall stepped up to the plate. Located in the heart of Acton, the Nagog Mall will be a great venue to handle a half marathon. The Red Raven Gastropub, a microbrewery that will open in the Nagog Mall this September, also played a key role in making the race possible. There you have it — the idea was spawned from an Acton resident, the running community stepped up to make it a reality, and the small business community will make it a success. The results will ultimately have an impact reaching much further than just Acton.


We believe that the Nagog Seasons Half Marathon will have something for everyone. For those motivated by great causes, you can be proud that your participation will help facilitate cancer research and benefit the local high school. For the pub-runner crowd, what better event to do than one that coincides with the grand opening of a brewery? Yes folks, there will be beer for all. For the elite athletes out there, we have a $2000 cash prize purse with money going 3 deep per gender. We’ll also have some great age group awards. For those not ready to step up to a half marathon, we will have a 5k as part of our event lineup as well. C’mon now, you’ve got no excuse for not signing up! We urge you to come out and support this community event and create something special in the process.


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