Sports & Physical Therapy Associates to Host Marx Running

PTActon, MA: This coming Monday, March 4th at 11:30 AM, the Acton branch of Sports and Physical Therapy Associates will host Marx Running founder, Mark Coddaire, for a clinic on gait analysis. Mark will be presenting an in-service workshop dealing with how footwear affects gait and how to prevent or rehabilitate running/walking related injuries. Specifically, Mark will touch upon how the right shoe can help fix over-pronation and prevent setbacks. He will debunk the widely held belief that cushioning equates to support and discuss how to determine the correct function of shoe for each individual’s gait pattern.

Sports and Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) is a group of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and exercise physiologists devoted to providing the community the most up to date injury detection, post injury rehab, and sports specific training in the New England area. Their Acton location is located at 30 Great Rd. in Acton, MA. With the mission of being a community resource for all things running/walking related, Marx Running frequently partners with and presents clinics to local physical therapy offices, schools, and health clubs. SPTA shares Marx Running’s commitment to serving and supporting the running and walking communities. Both are excited about developing this partnership.

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